Tel Rehov 2010 Season


Evening activity 

A healthy breakfast! Life on the Dig

Tel Rehov enjoys a full and varied social life that enriches the experience of exposing the past. Opportunities abound to meet people from all walks of life and of numerous nationalities. This vibrant human assortment makes for a fascinating experience, and working hard together in the dirt and sharing the excitement of discovery forges bonds and affinities that can barely be found in any other situation.

The fact that many of our volunteers return season after season is not only due to the deep interest that our site generates, but also to the camaraderie and involvement that forms during the seasons.

Many volunteers join together for weekend trips, renting a car and exploring the natural, historical, biblical and archaeological sites that abound throughout Israel. Parties and barbeques are also an integral part of the Rehov social agenda – from birthdays to the Fourth of July, we all enjoy the relaxation and fun.
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