Tel Rehov 2010 Season


Relaxation in the afternoon on the front porch 

“Does anyone need a pen?” – the field registrar’s table

A healthy breakfast! Time Schedule
The excavation schedule runs Monday through Friday, from 05:15 to 12:30 (the heavier work is scheduled to avoid the worst of the heat). During the afternoons, volunteers will help in pottery washing and analysis. Free time is available for recreational activities such as swimming, socializing and visiting nearby attractions.

4:30 Wake-up. Light breakfast in your rooms
5:00 Buses leave for Tel Rehov - 5 am sharp!
5:30 Begin work on the tel
8:30 Breakfast on site from 8:30-9 am
10:45 Second break from 10:45-11 am
12:15 Quit work
12:30 Buses leave Tel Rehov for the kibbutz
13:00 Lunch in the kibbutz dining hall
FREE TIME until 16:30 pm
16:30 Pottery washing and sorting.
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Lectures: one-two times a week
22:00 Bedtime. You need your sleep!

**The expedition office and pottery washing and sorting facilities are close to the rooms. Swimming facilities are available.
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