Tel Rehov 2010 Season























Marshalltown pointed trowel

What To Bring

A must:
Passport. You must have a valid passport that is good for at least 3 months after you leave Israel. Check to see whether the country you hold a passport from requires a visa for Israel in advance. You do not need to obtain a visa in advance if you are from the US or many western countries. You will automatically receive a three-month tourist (B-2) visa upon arrival at the airport. We recommend photocopying the opening page of your passport that contains your picture and pertinent details. You can then carry the photocopy on your person when traveling and not risk losing it or having it stolen. However, you must have your real passport when you are changing money at the banks or when conducting official business.

Proof of Health Insurance. Upon arrival you must be able to show proof of valid health insurance. You will not be able to participate on the excavation without this.

Work clothing. Work clothing should be sturdy, light in weight and color, and easy to launder. Since the sun is intense, you may need to vary sleeve and pant lengths until you get into condition. Remember that loose clothing is more comfortable than close fitting, and that synthetic fibers tend to be hot. We do not allow men (or women!) to work without shirts.

Work shoes. Sturdy and comfortable shoes are a must. The soles must be thick enough to provide protection from the rocks and the occasional friendly scorpion. Sandals are not allowed in the field.

Sun hat. A broad brim hat made from light breathable cotton is best.

Casual clothing. For after work and on the weekends. Dress in Israel tends to be informal. Don't forget your swimsuit!

- Sunglasses
- Beach towels and thongs/sandals
- Toilet items
- Sunscreen with a SPF15 protection level or higher
- Medicine, prescription and other
- Insect repellent
- Clothesline and clothes pins
- Liquid detergent in a plastic bottle
- Flashlight
- Alarm Clock
- Batteries
- Reading material
- Water canteen. Although we provide you with water in the field, it is a good idea to have your own personal canteen to avoid other people's germs. You may also find it useful for field trips and on weekends.
- Modest clothing for visiting religious places when you travel (a wrap skirt and shawl are perfect for women and easy to pull-on slacks for men)
- Camera and for those who are not yet digital: plenty of film (film is expensive and hard to find in Israel)
- Protective swim footwear (beaches at the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea are rocky)

** Marshalltown pointed trowel (No. 45/5 is the best). We provide working tools, but there is nothing like these wonderful digging tools. They are hard to get these days, but if you manage to buy one in a hardware store, it will help you to be a successful digger!

*If you enter Israel with a video camera or computer, you must register it with customs at the airport when you arrive in order to avoid customs difficulties when leaving.

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