*Please download and send as attachment by e-mail to

 or fax to 972-2-5825548 or send to us by regular mail (address below).

Please print clearly.




Name:  ___________________________________________________________________

                        Last                                          First                                          Middle


E-Mail:  ____________________________


Current Mailing Address:  ____________________________________________________

                                                Number and Street



City                              State/Province                           Zip Code                       Country


Permanent Address (if different from above):  ____________________________________




Phone:  Home:  _________________ Mobile: _________________Work:  ____________________


Fax:  _______________________________


Nationality ________________________ Country of Residence: ________________


Passport Number:  _______________ Country of Issue: _______________


Date of Issue:________________   Expiration Date:______________


Male/Female  ______    Age (Minimum: 18) ______


Occupation/Field of Study:  _________________________

Year of study_________  undergraduate/graduate


Study at (name school, and if possible, professor in the most related field)____________________


Medical Insurance: Each volunteer MUST have current medical insurance which is valid in Israel. Volunteers will not be accepted without proof of insurance. Please send a copy of your insurance card/certificate.

The Tel Rehov Expedition/Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project can refer volunteers to physicians or hospitals in case of an accident or illness. However, it must be understood that the cost of physician care and hospitalization will be borne by the volunteer only and not the Rehov Expedition/ Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project .

Please provide us by mail with a note from your physician confirming your ability to volunteer on the excavation. Your physician should be informed that working conditions entail strenuous physical work outdoors in a very hot summer climate. Please make sure that your physician confirms that you are capable of such work and that you don’t suffer from any physical or mental disease. Chronic conditions such as ulcers, diabetes, asthma, glaucoma, allergies, etc. are very problematic with the field conditions on the dig and those who suffer from these conditions are encouraged not to apply for this intensive field work.



Company: _____________________     Name of Policy Holder: ______________________


Policy Number:  _______________________ Date of Expiration:  ____________________


I have read the above statement and understand that I must be of sound physical and emotional health and have insurance valid in Israel.  I certify that I am so covered while in Israel.                                                                


Signature:  __________________________  Date:  ____________________




Name:_____________________ Relationship: ___________________

Phone:___________________Email: ______________________________


(Please attach additional sheets if necessary to answer any of the questions.)


Have you any academic background and/or field experience in archaeology?  If yes,



 _______________________________________________________________________  Have you any technical capabilities that might be of help during the work (such as drawing, photography, etc.). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


How did you learn about the Tel Rehov Expedition?

Brochure (  )  Magazine Ad (  )  Internet (  )  Personal Contact (  ) Other _______________


I wish to volunteer for:



Mark here

Full season

June 15-July 16











* Please fill in the dates that you request. A three week minimum is required; volunteers who wish to participate less than 3 weeks will be considered under certain circumstances.


- Volunteers are expected to arrive at the kibbutz on Monday, June 14th; excavation in the field will begin on Tuesday, June 15. The final day of the program: Friday, July 16.

-Cost will include full room and board, 7 days a week, not including the weekend of July 16-17.



         $315 for the first week (6 nights)

         $365 for the second week (7 nights per week)

         $365 for the third week (7 nights per week)

         $365 for the fourth week (7 nights per week)

         $265 for the fifth week (5 nights)

The deadline for registration is April 1, 2010. 

You are requested to send a $50 non-refundable registration fee with your application form; this sum will be deducted from the final payment. The remainder of the sum must be paid by April 1, 2010. Payment can made with a personal check or a bank check made out to “The Israel Exploration Society” or by credit card (NO MONEY TRANSFERS ACCEPTED PLEASE).

Refunds for cancellation:
• Until May 15, 2010: 80%

• Until June 1, 2010: 50%
• No refunds will be given after June 1, 2010.


Signature of Applicant: ________________________ Date: ______________________


 **Mailing address for application and check:

Tel Rehov Excavations

Institute of Archaeology

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus, Israel 91905

 Inquiries pertaining to details of the excavation and the academic credit program should be addressed to:

see our website for further details: