Beth Shean Sponsorship

The excavations at Tell Beth-Shean were conducted during the years 1989-1996 on behalf of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University within the framework of a larger archaeological project managed by the Beth-Shean Tourism Development Administration, with grants from the Israel Tourism Ministry and the support of the Israel Antiquities Authority.
Research and processing of the finds were supported by the following:

• Philip and Muriel Berman Center for Biblical Archaeology of the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University.

• A donation from David, Gita and Michael Hoffman of Perth, Australia, arranged by Mr. Stuart Silbert, for the years 2000–2005.

• Research grants donated by The Shelby White – Leon Levy Program for Archaeological Publications for the years 2005-2010.

• Donations by Mr. John Camp from Minnesota, USA, as part of his continuous support of the Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project.
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