Tel Beth-Shean

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Caption  :  Iron age sites in the Beth Shean valley
Caption  :  Air view of Tel Beth-Shean during 1994 season, looking west towards the Jezreel Valley
Caption  :  Plan of Tel Beth-Shean, with location of the excavations area of the Hebrew University expedition
Caption  :  Basalt stele of Seti I, mentioning his victory over cities and tribes in the Beth-Shean region. Found at Beth-Shean by University Museum expedition.
Caption  :  Basalt relief showing combat between a lion and a dog or lioness (Late Bronze Age)
Caption  :  Plan of Early Bronze Ib public building, 32-31st centuries BCE (Area M)
Caption  :  Alabaster vessels from a grave of the Middle Bronze Age II (17th century BCE)
Caption  :  View of the temple of Stratum R2 (15th century BCE)
Caption  :  Isometric reconstruction of the Stratum R2 temple
Caption  :  Plan of the Egyptian garrison quarter at Beth-Shean during the time of the 20th Dynasty (12th century BCE, Stratum Lower VI
Caption  :  Lid of an anthropomorphic coffin, 12th century BCE
Caption  :  A group of pottery vessels in Egyptian shape, produced at Beth-Shean (20th dynasty)
Caption  :  Top: Plan of the building found below Building 1500; below: plan of the citadel at Deir el-Balah (13th century BCE)
Caption  :  Plan of the Egyptian governor residency (Building 1500) of Stratum Lower VI, 12th century BCE
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