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Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 19891996

Volume II

The Middle and Late Bronze AGE STRATA IN AREA R


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This volume is the second in the series of final reports on the Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project, directed by Amihai Mazar on behalf of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1989. The current volume presents the results of the excavation of  the Middle Bronze Age II and Late Bronze Age IIIA strata at Tel Beth-Shean (17th to 14th centuries BCE). Most of the finds were uncovered in Area R, where the excavations of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania exposed, during the years 19251927, a series of four temples, the earliest of them dating to the 14th century BCE (Level IX). The renewed excavations provide one of the best stratigraphic sequences for the mid-second millennium BCE in the Levant. The architectural remains include parts of the Middle Bronze Age II town and a previously unknown temple dated to the Late Bronze Age I. They also provide new insights into the development of the Level IX sanctuary. This volume contains in-depth discussions of the stratigraphy, the architecture, the rich pottery assemblages and a wealth of other finds by nineteen experts.

752 pages, 172 line drawings, 79 pottery plates, 401 photographs and CD with tables and selected color photographs; cloth binding.

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Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview - A. Mazar and R. Mullins
Chapter 2. Reflections on Levels XI, X and IX of the University Museum Excavations - R. Mullins
Chapter 3. Area R: The Stratigraphy and Architecture of the Middle and Late Bronze Ages: Strata R-5R-1 - R. Mullins and A. Mazar
3.I. The Middle Bronze Age II (Strata R-5R-3)
3.II. The Late Bronze Age IA (Stratum R-2)
3.III. The Late Bronze Age IBIIA (Stratum R-1)
Appendix 3.1: Note on the Middle Bronze Age Burials in Area M - A. Mazar
Appendix 3.2: Interpretation of the Stratigraphic Sections - R. Mullins
Chapter 4. The Middle Bronze Age II Pottery - A. Maeir
Chapter 5. The Late Bronze Age Pottery - R. Mullins
Chapter 6. Provenience Studies
Chapter 6A. The Petrography of the Late Bronze Age Pottery - A. Cohen-Weinberger
Chapter 6B. Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Selected Pottery from Tel Beth-Shean and the Central Jordan Valley - A. Maeir and J. Yellin
Chapter 7. Figurative Art and Glyptics
Chapter 7A. Ceramic Figurines and Zoomorphic Vessels, a Painted Sherd and Various Cylinder Seals - A. Mazar
Chapter 7B. Two Middle Bronze Age Cylinder Seals - D. Collon
Chapter 8. Canaanite and Egyptian Scarabs from Area R - B. Brandl
Chapter 9. The Metal Objects
Chapter 9A. The Metal Objects: Catalogue and Discussion - N. Yahalom-Mack
Chapter 9B. Chemical Analysis of Metal Objects - N. Yahalom-Mack, S. Shilstein and S. Shalev
Chapter 10. The Stone Vessels - C. Clamer
Chapter 11. Groundstone Tools and Objects - N. Yahalom-Mack
Chapter 12. The Textile Industry - N. Yahalom-Mack
Appendix 12.1: A Note on the Late Bronze Age Textile Industry - A.Yasur-Landau
Chapter 13. Various Finds
Chapter 13A. Clay, Stone, Faience, Bone and Ivory Objects - N. Yahalom-Mack and A. Mazar
Chapter 13B. A Hieratic Sign - S. Wimmer
Chapter 14. The Flint Assemblages of Areas R, P, S, N, and Q - R. Bankirer and O.Marder
Chapter 15. Botanical Remains
Chapter 15A. Beth-Shean as a Trade Center for Crops in the Bronze Age: Botanical and Entomological Evidence - O. Simchoni, M.E. Kislev and Y. Melamed
Chapter 15B. Identification of Wood Remains from Area R - U. Baruch
Chapter 16. Interpretation of the Radiocarbon Dates from Area R - A. Mazar
Index of Finds by Loci - Compiled by M. Schiffer
CD with tables and selected color photographs - compiled by N.Applbaum